Tomball, Texas

By: Lindsey Kasprzak

Load up the family and the lederhosen, we’re heading to Tomball!

A few months ago, I wrote a Facebook post asking you, my followers, which Texas town you wanted me to explore next--and the number of responses for Tomball was huge. So, I packed my bag, grabbed my friend Amy, and headed to what another friend calls “West Texas” in search of why everyone is crazy about Tomball.

We started our Saturday with some local shopping at the Tomball farmers’ market which I learned is the biggest in Texas. I have to say, if that farmers’ market doesn’t have it, you don’t need it. Y’all, they have everything from fresh veggies, farm fresh eggs, cheese, breads, soap, wine, and so much more! They open up at 9 am and go till noon which is plenty of time to do all the shopping you need--and did I mention they have wine? Just checking.

Once you’ve done your weekly fresh market shopping, you’ll want to head over to Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue for a mouth-watering meal.

We got there a few minutes before they opened and got in line. Now I know what you’re thinking: standing in line is for the birds. But hear me out, they have complimentary beer while you wait! GOD BLESS TEXAS!!

Once you get inside to place your order, you’ll be greeted by some friendly Texas faces happy to help you make your best choice, because the menu is a kaleidoscope of options!

My friends and I got the Tejas top picks, but the table favorite were the burnt ends and jalapeño and blue cheese stuffed sausage. It’s the kind of food that makes you cry until someone puts more on your plate, but we had more to taste over in the chocolate section and had to save room.

Now if you have a sweet tooth, get ready for the Tejas truffles! These little sweet nuggets of chocolate goodness will knock your boots off! My favorites were the salted caramel and the peanut butter ball which I’m still daydreaming about, but they have a favorite for any palate.

So, what else is there to do in Tomball besides farmers’ markets and barbecue? Plenty!

Once you’re full and need to walk off your meat coma, head across the street where you’ll fine boutiques, antique stores, art galleries, and more.

We first stopped by the DaVinci Art Gallery where you can see local artists show and sell their work. The gallery was full the day we walked in, but we were quickly greeted with a smiling face and information on what the gallery offers. It’s full of all different styles and mediums and is sure to make you appreciate the talents of local artists.

Once we were done in the gallery, we walked around the corner and did a little boutique and antique shopping, enjoying the oddly nice weather that we really don’t see here in a Texas June. But after walking around for a while it was time to hit the local watering hole which is for sure Fire Ant Brewing Company. I quickly realized that Fire Art Brewing is the local hang out, and if you ever have questions about Tomball head over, park it at the bar and start asking questions.

My friend Amy and I were enjoying our flight of tasty beers, when a local couple shared the best places to go, the owners of local businesses and how wonderful Tomball is. It then dawned on me why everyone wanted me to explore Tomball. The reason is Tomball locals love and are very proud of their town. They feel for their town the way Texans feel about our state.

I learned more about Tomball by visiting with another local who owns Goat Maddness, purveyor of goat milk products, soaps, lotions, etc. I recommend you visit the “Goatman.” He has my vote for Mayor of Tomball! We then made our way to Bonfire Grill where once again we were greeted with big Texas smiles.

Bonfire was my pick for dinner since they have so much to choose from--plus their impressive bourbon selection with everything from Boss Hog to Rip Van Winkle which are a must for any bourbon fan.

Amy and I were actually still a little full from the barbecue feast earlier, so we shared the charcuterie board which was full of fresh cheese, meats, nuts, and fruit. It was enough that we didn’t even finish it.

As we sat at the bar we got to watch them make fire oven pizzas, pasta for other guests, and grilled steaks that made you question if you were really full or maybe you have room for one more meal. Let’s just say, Bonfire has something for everyone and if you happen to be there on a beautiful day, sitting outside is a great place to enjoy the fresh Tomball air and hear a little live music.

The next morning, we decided to get a bite to eat before heading out. We made our way over to TaD’s for some Cajun cooking.

TaD’s has quite the breakfast menu, full of good southern favorites. The very best thing on the menu in my opinion are the beignet fries. Holy beignet y’all! I will be dreaming of those till I have them again!

Now if sweet isn’t your thing in the morning, they have plenty to choose from. They even have good ol’ biscuits and gravy. Amy and I also shared the beignet fries, and had a Texas Bowl and a Louisiana Bowl, which were full of country goodness.

After filling up on good country cookin’, we had to get something to take home to our kids because you know that’s the first thing they ask when you get back

from a trip: “Did you get me anything?” We headed right over to Craving Kernels which is the local candy and gourmet popcorn shop. Craving Kernels has the biggest selection of popcorn I’ve ever seen! Y’all, you name it and they have it. I ended up getting the cheesecake, peanut butter and the all-time Texas flavor, Dr. Pepper. Craving Kernels will certainly have me as a repeat customer.

So what did I see in Tomball? Tomball has so much to offer if you want to spend a nice day with the family, a girls’ shopping day, or even a mini road trip to experience a local brewery.

Tomball is a hidden gem full of wonderful and welcoming people, and you may just want to sit down, crack a beer and chew the fat!

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