Moore Texas Air

By: Taylor Smith

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I don’t need a heating or cooling system in East Texas.”? I am quite sure no one in our great state has said that! If anything, we are trying to see how many HVAC systems we can hook up to our home or office building before we break the bank. And, if a system fails, Lord help us!

Randy Moore of Moore Texas Air is a superhero when it comes to keeping us all from melting or freezing. He’s your one stop shop when it comes to HVAC systems and is the best at troubleshooting.

In 2008 he decided that he could serve customers better as his own business rather than working for someone else. He started out with a few side jobs helping friends and family, and word of mouth quickly turned his business full time once people knew he was honest and reliable.

“I never push inventory like bigger companies will. I want what’s best for my customer. I find out the issue with the heating or air system then I will only buy what is needed. That way it saves the customer money, and the problem is fixed.”

Randy prides himself off the fact that his services are very affordable.

“I didn’t start my business to get rich off others’ misfortunes. We actually can bend over backwards, charge less, and we’re still successful which makes all the difference to our customers.”

Not only is Randy great at what he does, he also keeps up with the latest and greatest for home and business HVAC systems. The latest impressive system is the Airwaves and UV light system that not only saves you expense with your energy bill but can also help keep your home and office germ free. AirWaves is a unique, whole-home air purifying system that eliminates household odors and airborne microbes using two of nature’s strongest purifiers: ultraviolet light and ozone. Whenever the heating or cooling system is on, AirWaves works silently and continuously throughout your home or office.

If the AirWaves system is something you’re interested in, be sure to contact Randy and he’ll be happy to explain it in more detail.

I asked Randy, “What’s the one thing you wish people knew when it comes to heating and air, besides that they need to change their air filter more than once a year, and a good rule of thumb for that in case you’re wondering is every time you pay your energy bill.”

He said “I wish when customers get quotes from other businesses, they would look at the fine print. Some bigger companies only offer warranties on parts and not labor, where I give warranties on both. If you have a problem with your system you may only need a $50 part, but labor may be $100. With me, you’re covered with both which in the long run can save you money that you may not have to spend.”

Some of you may be thinking: “Well, I’m on the East side of the county and he probably doesn’t come this far.” Indeed, he does! Randy services not only all of Montgomery County but most parts of East Texas as well, plus he does emergency calls that day and for non-emergency calls he will be with you within 24 hours.

I think it’s safe to say if you’re having heating or air conditioning issues, you’ll always be safe to use Randy Moore from Moore Texas Air.

Be sure to contact him with any questions or issues at and follow his Facebook and Instagram page.

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