Getting Back To Travel!

By: Jennifer Brown with Vagablonde Travel.

Yes, we know! Right now, you don’t have the ability to travel unless it’s essential, but to prepare, let’s talk about some of the current travel trends out there now and maybe one of these will light a spark to book that next trip with Vagablonde Travel!

Focusing on the largest generation, our Millennials know what they like -like avocado toast, and what they don’t like -always being blamed for what seems like everything.

“Millennials’ view on travel is more than just getting a deal or going on a trip -it’s enrichment, it’s authenticity, it’s living in the moment, it’s relationships, says Scott Nash a BDM in the travel industry.

Alesandra Dubin a news and lifestyle editor/writer from Los Angeles shares five clear themes this generation is focusing on.

• Experiential Travel

• Traveling Solo

• Top Destinations and those

they are staying away from

• Multi-Generational Travel

• The value of using a Travel Agent

“Experiential Travel – It’s widely reported that millennials favor experiences over material things when it comes to spending money – and in no category does that manifest more clearly than in travel. By comparison older generations are more likely to splurge on accommodations, while Millennials will splurge on activities and are more influenced by Instagram and social media on their actual destinations. They want to come home with great stories, new experiences, and great stories!”

Is this you? Let’s consider the Big Island of Hawaii, where you can hike to a gorgeous green sand beach for the day or take an off road ride with a local Hawaiian to get there.

“Traveling Solo- has been on the rise since 2015. While Europe, California, and Las Vegas are the top three destinations for solo travel, significantly more solo travelers will head to Asia-Pacific. For these solo Millennials traveler, the most important decision-making factors are safety and cost, they say.”

Millennials see travel as an investment so they look to a destination like Thailand where they can have the experience for a low cost and still feel safe. I traveled to Malaysia and Thailand in 2015 solo and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

“Top Destinations and those they are staying away from- Survey results show that Europe has been steadily climbing as a target travel destination since 2015 while Mexico and the Caribbean remain flat. Europe’s popularity ties back to millennials experiential travel priority. Europe is a destination that is seen more for the experience than the typical sun and beach vacation. Overall travelers between 25 and 24 will increase the number of trips they will take in the next 12 months more than any other generation.”

“Multi-Generational Travelers – are most open to all-inclusive trips or cruises. Most of them, if taking a cruise, will return for a land vacation later after getting a glimpse of it from the cruise. Millennial families will spend roughly $4,300 in the next 12 months on travel. In America, these travelers are most interested in Canada, Hawaii, and Florida.”

“The value of using a Travel Agent – Millennials may be savvy digital natives – but they are looking for travel agents and using their services. Why? The top three reasons they give include agents’ knowledge of destinations, their ability to provide an extra value of service when things go wrong and the ability to take the hassle out of booking travel for the notoriously burn out-afflicted generation. Travel planning windows for younger travelers were generally shorter than those of older generations. More than half millennials plan their vacation travel within 3 months of departure.”

Our Vagablonde Travel staff understand the need to travel on a short timeline and we respect and welcome those type of travelers. We will even push you to the front of our docket as we book in order of travel dates and departure. For more information on planning your next trip contact us at:

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