Delta V Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

By: Taylor Smith

Sciatic pain, knee pain and neck pain- these are just a few symptoms we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives. The medical field’s answer to these, and many similar problems, is to prescribe a medication to alleviate the pain. But, once the medication wears off, we’re left again with the symptoms because we haven’t addressed the cause of the issue. Going to the root cause is the only way to rid ourselves of these issues permanently.

The body is an interconnected web. Pain in one area may be the result of a problem in another. Understanding that web and the interplay between the various muscles, bones, nerves, and trigger points is vital to properly diagnosing a problem, but more importantly, in fixing it. This is Dr. Paul Harris’s specialty! Dr. Harris is the owner of Delta V Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, located in The Woodlands off of Sawdust Road.

Dr. Harris’ office is welcoming, warm and friendly- just like him. On your first visit, Dr. Harris will sit down with you to review your medical history, listen to you explain your symptoms, and diagnose and treat the cause of them. For me, I was having some pain in my knee, especially during squats. By engaging me with dialogue, and listening to me, he learned that I regularly do Olympic weightlifting. This helped him identify what could be the cause of my knee pain and provided him with valuable insight into how I might have injured myself. Next, he asked me to perform some bodyweight squats and other movements as he continued to probe for identifying where exactly the pain was located and what movements specifically were causing the pain. At this point, he was fairly certain of the cause of the issue and knew exactly how to attack a treatment plan.

He utilized a scraper (also called an IASTM tool) on the muscles above my knee and applied suction cups in the area to draw blood flow to the muscles, reducing soreness and helping to loosen tight muscles. After that, Dr. Harris provided me with several stretches and foam rolling techniques to institute into my regular warm-up, or just to do at home to help the muscles around my knee relax and recover. The whole process with him took about 40 minutes. After this, I felt as good as new!

“I do whatever I can to make my patients feel better, and I try to give them at least one homework exercise movement the first day so that they can be sure that the muscles are being worked or stretched properly. I also personally try to follow up with my patients within the next couple of days. I text, email or call to find out how it went. I want to make sure they actually got what they were looking for in our visit. Delta V was started to help you move better and feel better. I think movement is essential and I want to help my clients get moving, in the right ways, as soon as I can.”

But you may be thinking, I don’t work out, I just need to be adjusted or I was in a car wreck and I have horrible neck pain all the time. Dr. Harris is your one stop shop! Just like his business name says, “Chiropractic and Sports Medicine”. Dr. Harris is able to work out that horrible neck pain with some deep muscle work followed by a quick adjustment. After a visit with him, you’ll be feeling like your old self in no time!

You may also be concerned about seeking healthcare during COVID. Dr. Harris understands that and takes preventive measures to keep the office as safe as possible. “ In between clients, every touch surface is cleaned, social distancing is in effect, and every person in the office is masked at all times to keep everyone as safe as I can.”

Dr. Harris explains that his motivation is simple. “I want to make an impact in people’s lives and at the end of the day, I leave knowing I had a positive impact because people leave with a smile on their face.”

For more information about Dr. Paul Harris or if you would like to request an appointment you can visit his website at: or visit him on Facebook and Instagram.



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