Come and Explore It! Puerto Vallarta

By: Lindsey Kasprzak

About two weeks ago, I was sitting by the pool scrolling through Facebook. I came across a post where someone asked for a recommendation on a place to vacation that was a short plan ride away, relatively inexpensive, and NOT in Mexico because they “didn’t want to die!” I laughed and looked around the pool to notice where I was because at that moment I was IN Mexico and at no point did I feel like I was going to die.

A little bit about myself when it comes to traveling: I research for months about where I’m going, what I should expect from the locals, and what areas I should stay clear of. Of course, there are places you shouldn’t go at night by yourself but really, you should just use common sense.

My husband and I were invited to Puerto Vallarta for a destination wedding. What an awesome little town it is!

Of course, since we were there for a wedding, we were on a scheduled itinerary, but we definitely had down time to hang out by the pool and soak in the rays- which reminds me, take sunblock because in the giftshops a normal size sunblock is about $20!

Our first night we walked across the street to eat dinner at an Argentinian steak house. Normally, my husband and I just share a side salad, an appetizer, and a main course. We did the same here, but when we ordered the steak for two, I’m pretty sure they brought us out two whole cows!

Y’all, I can take down a steak, but I didn’t even scratch the surface on that bad boy. We had so much meat leftover we could have fed the whole wedding party. But having the meat sweats wasn’t enough for my husband so he then decides to order some banana tower of goodness that had whipped cream and caramel all over it. I was so full of everything else that I could only try a little bit and it was an amazing bite! Overall a fantastic meal for around $80, which wasn’t bad considering I had a cocktail and my husband had a glass of wine with dinner and a port with dessert.

The following day, we started the wedding festivities. Of course, a few hours by the pool with my morning coffee and a delicious fruit plate while the guy got up early to go deep sea fishing. That evening we all got ready for “Rhythms of The Night” which is an award-winning cruise and show extravaganza put on by professionals at Vallarta Adventures. Rated Puerto Vallarta’s #1 Dinner and Show by the New York Times and many travel publications, Rhythms of the Night takes you on a journey deep into Mexico’s ancient history. Witness spiritual rituals under a beautiful star-lit sky nestled deep within the tropical rainforest at Las Caletas. Enjoy delicious food and drink and take part in a serene cruise across the Bay of Banderas.

It’s definitely a worthwhile experience as long as you’re not afraid of boat rides because it is a one hour long ride out to the island and a one-hour ride back, but the good news is they have free drinks the whole way and the staff wants to make sure you’re having a good time.

Over all our exercise with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was a great one! At no point did I feel unsafe, if anything I felt welcomed. Would I take my eight-year-old with me next time? Sure, there is so much more to do than we got the chance to do and I know she would have a great time.

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