Come and Explore It! Montgomery, Texas

By: Lindsey Kasprzak

When you think of the area you live in do you think to yourself, “There’s nothing cool around here!” or maybe “Nothing historic has ever really happened here!” Well if you live in Montgomery County and you’re thinking those things then you would be wrong.

Take a drive down highway 105 with me to the historic town of Montgomery, Texas. Not only will you find a town brimming with Texas history, you’ll also discover a wonderful place to spend the weekend boutique shopping, wine tasting, touring historic sites, or perhaps indulging at a relaxing spa. Yes, there is so much to do in Montgomery one weekend may not even be enough time.

So, what’s so historic about Montgomery you ask? Well, guess where the Texas flag was born? Yup, right here in Montgomery County in the city of Montgomery designed by Charles B. Stewart in 1839—almost six years before Texas joined the Union as the 28th state. If you visit Montgomery during a historical celebration, you’re most likely to run into Mrs. Pat Spackey, the three-times-great-granddaughter of Dr. Charles Stewart. She loves to educate the public on her great-grandfather’s significant contributions to the State of Texas. A bronze bust of Dr. Stewart is displayed at Montgomery County’s City of Conroe Park as a tribute to his legacy.

Feel like walking around town? Perfect! Downtown Montgomery is the perfect size to roam and explore. The main block is full of shops and galleries to enjoy. The downtown area is replete with old historic homes often open for tours; bed and breakfast homes for lodging, and restaurants for a meal or to reserve for a special occasion.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of historic homes to see or not sure where to start I suggest downloading the free “distrx” app. It’s an essential app that will guide you throughout Montgomery, providing insight on historic sites and locales, as well as info on dining, shopping, lodging, and local attractions—all conveniently on your phone!

What’s that you say? Where’s the wine?! That’s an easy one. You’ve got three places right smack in town that offer anything your wine heart could desire. First let’s head over to “Rancher’s Daughter.” This unique wine bar and boutique offers a variety of reds and whites—plus their boutique is full of trendy closets, wines, souvenirs and local products to fulfill any gift need.

Once you’re done at Rancher’s Daughter you can walk across the street to “The Cozy Grape” where you can have a lovely dinner and savor their extensive wine assortment. Both Rancher’s Daughter and The Cozy Grape are right downtown, surrounded by cute antique shops—and if you’re anything like me, by the third glass of wine you’ll be inclined to splurge on a unique treasure! Just across Highway 105 you’ll find “Cork This,” a winery with a wonderful flight to choose from along with some fantastic sweet wines to complement your dessert.

Now if you haven’t started drinking or if you want to take an Uber, head out to the beautiful vineyard of “Bernhardt Winery” where you can try some award-winning local wines. This vineyard is a great place to grab a glass, sit on the lawn and listen to a local artist play music. Be sure to check out their website for a list of upcoming events and performers.

So, there you have the town of Montgomery in a nutshell. This native Texan will testify to the pleasures found in the small town atmosphere of Montgomery, and I trust this has whetted your appetite to head on out to EXPLORE!

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