Come and Explore It! Fredericksburg

By: Lindsey Kasprzak

Before the bluebonnets said goodbye for another year, my husband and I decided we should take a trip on highway 290 out to Fredericksburg with my in-laws. Being the wine enthusiasts that we know them to be and the fact that they live in California we knew a road trip on the Bluebonnet Trail would be the perfect trip.

Now if you’ve never taken the somewhat long drive out to Fredericksburg here’s how you do it. First, you’ll want to stop in Giddings population 5,000. Why? Because they have some great places to grab a bite to eat. From BBQ at “Lost Pines Bar B-Que” or right down the street is a food truck stand full of about five food trucks to pick from. If you decide to stay and eat outside, beware of the 12 o’clock lunch siren that can be heard from miles away!

After lunch and now passed Austin (no time or need to stop there on this trip!) and you’re almost to Dripping Springs, be sure to stop at Deep Eddy Vodka to enjoy a flight of their delicious flavored vodkas. They have so many vodkas to choose from that you have to try them all. They also have a wonderful outdoor sitting area to relax, play games, drink some cocktails, and enjoy the view and day.

Right down the road is another distillery called Dripping Springs Distillery where not only do they distill their own vodka but also gin and bourbon, so be sure to stop by take the tour and do the tasting.

Once you pass Dipping Springs you’re only a short ride away from Fredericksburg. We didn’t have the time to stop at them all (and wouldn’t have been walking afterwards if we tried!), but here are a few of our favorite spots and vineyards.

Okay, so this first place isn’t a winery but not everyone wants to drink wine and if you’re going to wake up that tough pallet of yours it might as well be at Garrison Brothers Distillery. I I know what you’re thinking, “Hey I started reading this because I want to know where the good wine is!” Well hold your horses, it’s coming!

I say start at Garrison because it’s further out and this way you can work your way back to town. Now here’s a little trick and my words of advice. SHARE EVERYTHING! With all these tasting you’re about to do, you’ll want to pace yourself. Plus it cuts down on spending.

Garrison Brothers has a great flight of five of their bourbons that you’ll love to sip on while sitting outside under huge shade trees. Plus, they have water, tea and beer that you can purchase on the honor system. It’s a great place to get your Fredericksburg adventure started.

Head down the road a bit and you’ll definitely want to stop at William Chris winery. They have some of the best wines we had the whole time and a great outdoor seating area. My personal favorite was the Roussanne which has a rich buttery after note that made every Roussanne I had thereafter pale in comparison.

Next on the list is Kuhlman Cellars. They had a great view of their vineyards and a pleasant little tasting. The nice man that was explaining every wine to us was quite knowledgeable when it came to wine and was also very helpful when telling us where we should explore next. Of our many options, we chose Pedernales Cellars- another great place with a gorgeous view!

Prior to Pedernales Cellars we actually took a little trip down a dirt road to a winery and let’s just say getting to Pedernales was a breath of fresh air!

I don’t know if it was the odd taste in my mouth from the previous winery, but Pedernales Cellars has some very clean and refreshing wines that are sure to be a hit for the hot summer to come. Along with having great wine, they have a wonderful view that overlooks the valley below. This is one winery I would highly recommend.

These wineries are outside of Fredericksburg and I know some of you may not want to do a lot of driving. Lucky for you, all these wineries have tasting rooms in town and are all within walking distance to each other. Just beware, it is much more crowded in town and parking can be hard to find. If you plan on having dinner in any of the area restaurants, I recommend making reservations because they fill up fast.

I hope this little bit of information is helpful. If you do decide to take a trip out the Fredericksburg, let us know! We would love to see your pictures and share them with the Lone Star Local Guide community!

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