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Challenges In Our County

By: Judge, Claudia Laird

As our county grows, we encounter new challenges. One of these challenges is how to help those suffering a mental health crisis. Few people realize that if a loved one (or a complete stranger for that matter) is an imminent risk to themselves or others, there IS something you can do. Individuals can work with the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office an obtain a mental health warrant for the person in crisis. The telephone number to call is 936.539.7828. Individuals picked up on a mental heath warrant will be evaluated and either released immediately or held for treatment. If held for treatment, the treating facility must obtain permission from a judge to hold the individual past three days. These proceedings are confidential in nature, and unlike most other court records, are sealed from public view to protect the at-risk individual. Every week we see more and more suicide risks and attempts. Recently the federal government created a 3-digit suicide hotline number. The number is 9-8-8. This is another resource available if you are contemplating suicide and need help.

Few people realize that Montgomery County Constable Precinct 1 has specially trained mental health officers. These officers understand the delicate nature of approaching people with mental health challenges and are professionals at addressing these situations. These officers will respond county-wide. If you need a mental health officer dispatched, the numbers are 936-539-7821 for Conroe and 936-856-6329 for Willis. Call the location closest to you.

Many individuals who have mental health needs, but are not in crisis and cannot necessarily afford a doctor visit. Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare can help. Their “mission is to enhance the quality of life for those we serve and our communities by ensuring the provision of quality services for individuals with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and intellectual/developmental disabilities.” Their website is www.tricountyservices.org and telephone number is 936.521.6100 or toll free at 800.550.8408. They also have a crisis number which is 800.659.6994.

Finally, if you are a veteran there are additional services available to you. Montgomery County Veterans’ Services has offices located in New Caney (936-539-7842) and Conroe (936-539-7842). Their email is vetsvc@mctx.org. The crisis hotline for veterans is 800.273.8285. Not only is the office available as a mental health resource, but they also offer services for veterans challenged by physical health problems. This office can also help connect veterans with the Veterans Land Board to obtain state benefits and the VA to access educational benefits.