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Blissful Waters Float Center

By: Taylor Smith

Blissful Waters has become the Montgomery County hot spot for relaxation. Melody Fraser offers the gift of healing at her state-of-the-art floating center. A few years ago, she spent many hours driving to Austin every month to float because she felt such benefits from it, but after so many hours in the car she wanted to find something closer. After searching long and hard, she realized there was nothing local. So, two years ago Melody decided to follow her dream and open her own floating center.

“I love helping people feel better and finding peace and I wanted to bring the joy I feel after floating to my local community.”

Opening the center wasn’t without hardship, and Melody had times when she just wanted to throw in the towel, but with the love and support from her husband, family and knowing that opening the center was the right thing to do, they finally opened the doors on December 8th 2018.

“This isn’t just a business to my husband and I; it’s part of our family.”

When you first arrive to float, you’ll be shown to the locker room where you can change and lock up your personal items. Then, you’ll head to the massage chair room where you’ll start to unwind while listening to soft, relaxing music and the soft sounds of a water feature.

After about 15 minutes of relaxing, you’ll be escorted to your float room where you’ll be able to take a warm shower to wash off any oils that may be on your skin or in your hair. Once you’re ready to enter the tank, a voice recording will come on to tell you what to expect. Once you’re in the tank, just lay back and completely relax.

The tank itself is 7ft by 8ft- so if you’re afraid of small spaces, you’ll have plenty of room to move around. You won’t sink because the tank is full of 1600lbs of Epson salts to help you detox your body and help reduce inflammation.

“Our most popular customer is someone with anxiety. I love helping them find what kind of lighting and music works best because each person is different and with our tanks you can pick what works the best for you. We also have quite a few athletes as members that use floating as a recovery session.

We’re becoming very popular with the CrossFit and MMA athletes that say they feel such a big difference after floating than with other types of recovery.”

Once you’ve done your float, you are welcome to stay in the relaxation room and enjoy a variety of things from the “Spring Menu,” including Bayou City Bucha wheatgrass shots, Hemp Honey, Heritage Havens Teas, Elderberry, Lions Mane, and different blend from the O2 bar where you can also add CBD.

Each session takes about a total of 2 hours, so plan ahead and make sure you come ready to relax and have some “me time.”

Blissful Waters is now offering acupuncture and singing bowls along with fresh juices, kombucha, plus they’re about to offer healthy meals for meal planning to add even more zen to your life. Be sure to follow Blissful Waters on Facebook and Instagram. For more information go to www.blissfulwatersfloat.com and make your appointment today.